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General Eye Exam


Mention the words ‘eye exam’ and most of us conjure up the familiar image of an eye chart. But a comprehensive eye exam is more than a vision test. Like any medical screening, an eye exam is an opportunity to evaluate the overall health of the eyes and detect serious problems early on.

During an eye exam, different tests are performed, including an external examination. Specific tests include:

Scheduling a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Eye exams should be part of your routine health maintenance. How often the eyes should be examined depends on age and medical history. In general, the guidelines below can be followed, providing the patient does not have a history or symptoms of vision problems:

Age Comprehensive Exam Frequency
Children under 5 Examination for common eye problems should be performed with routine check ups with a pediatrician. The first comprehensive eye exam should be scheduled between ages 3 and 5.
School-age children and teens Vision should be checked before the first year of primary school and rechecked every 2 years if vision is normal.
Adults 20s and 30s Every 5-10 years
Adults 40-50 Every 1-2 years
Adults over 50 Annual exam

Your individual eye examination schedule should be made in consultation with your eye care specialist. Contact Beach Eye in Huntington Beach, CA to schedule your eye exam.